Weekly Post Public Record for 8-27-20

NOTE: Charges are merely an accusation. All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
Peoria County police release July report totals

The Peoria Sheriff’s Department has released its Crime Statistics Report for the month of July for the eight Peoria County townships in The Weekly Post’s circulation area. The data reflect calls where the County was the primary responder.

Brimfield village and township together had 1 domestic battery, 2 battery/mob action incidents, 1 driving on a suspended or revoked license with an arrest, 1 drug incidents with 2 arrests, 3 accidents without injuries, and 1 traffic ticket.

Elmwood city and township together had 1 accident without injury. Jubilee had 2 thefts. Kickapoo had 1 domestic battery with 1 arrest, 3 drug incidents and 3 arrests, 1 identity theft, 5 thefts, 1 trespassing incident and 3 accidents without injuries.

Millbrook had 1 theft and 1 accident without an injury. Princeville township and village had 2 assaults with 1 arrest, 2 cases of domestic battery with 1 arrest, 1 theft and 2 accidents without injuries. Radnor had 3 accidents with no injury.

Rosefield had 1 accident with no injuries.

Police reports
– Rebecca Snell, 35, of Farmington followed up with Farmington police regarding a failure to appear Fulton County warrant on Aug. 21 and was given a new court date, according to Farmington police.
• FARMINGTON – A Farmington man complained to police on Aug. 21 that a package containing Nike shoes worth $3,8971.64 was taken from his doorstep in the 500 block of E. Vernon, according to a Farmington report. There are no suspects.
• ELMWOOD – An argument between a couple on Aug. 21 escalated into a domestic battery charge for Jamie I. Arbogast, 35, of Elmwood, according to a Peoria County Sheriff’s report. The victim told police Arbogast was angry when he ignored her and walked away. She then hit him three times with a “Busch beer bar mat,” leaving welts that matched the pattern of the mat. Arbogast confirmed she hit the victim with themat. She was transported to Peoria County Jail.
• FARMINGTON – A rock thrown through a window in the 200 block of S. Main St. in Farmington on Aug. 21 caused $500 worth of damage, according to a Farmington report.
• FARMINGTON – Charges of aggravated battery and two concealed carry violations were leveled against Scott Bardwell, 58, of Marquette Heights after police responded to a call about a bar fight at Benny’s Corner Bar on W. Fort St. in Farmington, according to a Farmington report. A gun was found on Bardwell during a search and the charges stemmed from carrying in a prohibited area and carrying while intoxicated.
• FARMINGTON – A traffic stop at Fort and Main Streets on Aug. 24 resulted in more charges for Deondra Proctor, 19, of Peoria, according to a Farmington report. She was found to have an outstanding Knox County warrant for failure to appear in court on charges of operating an uninsured vehicle and a suspended driver’s license. A search of her vehicle yielded 4 grams of MDMA/Ecstasy adding a possession of a controlled substance charge and another charge of driving with a suspended driver’s license. She was given an IBond for the Knox County Warrant and her vehicle was impounded.
Marriage report
Holli Catherine Boam and Jake Anthony Callister, both of Elmwood. She was given an IBond for the Knox County Warrantand her vehicle was impounded.