An anonymous ode to strawberry success

For The Weekly Post

We do not print anonymous letters to the editor. But when it comes to anonymous praise, what’s the harm? And when that praise states what I was already thinking, but does it better, we can break the rules. So here is flowery praise from a rural Elmwood reader.

“Strawberry Festival 2022! Our Lord provided excellent weather conditions for this event and if you were there, consider yourself fortunate. Those responsible for planning the event and all those who worked throughout the day are to be commended for the job they did in the planning and in the working.

“Every aspect of the event was awesome. It was good to see the happy crowd and all that was provided for one to participate in. There are so many to thank and so in avoiding the possibility of omitting
someone I will say one BIG THANK YOU!

“And just think, this weekend the community will have the St. Jude Benefit in Yates City to enjoy.”

• • •

It has been invigorating to see all the people coming out to events again. Maybe the only good thing about this pandemic was the reminder it gave of what we lost while penned up. … Parting shot: Check back next week for a harrowing tale of algae growing in the gas tank.

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