A TIF in Brimfield?

Builders eyeing land east of park

For The Weekly Post

BRIMFIELD – Builders have shown “significant interest” in building spec homes, duplexes, quadplexes and possibly a senior living facility on eight acres of farm land east of Brimfield’s municipal park, according to Dan Fishel, president of the Village Board.

Fishel discussed the two builders at Monday’s monthly meeting and said the land would be a good spot for a possible TIF district. Fishel said TIF funds would help finance expansion that is “not fast but steady.”

“Likely something will happen this summer,” Fishel said.

In other business, board member Paul Dye reported that the cost of extending water lines east to Maher Road was higher than expected, due in part because of a permit needed to go under Illinois Route 150. Options to pay for the $450,000 project include having landowners undertake some of the cost or obtaining grant funds. Fishel said the village is not in a position to take on another big project and suggested that perhaps it can be done in steps.

Dye also reported that the OSF Foundation has not indicated a firm interest in building a facility on the southeast corner of Maher Road and Route 150.

The board discussed two areas for walkway areas in the village. One focused on the handrails at the northeast and northwest corners of Galena Avenue and Route 150, which the board agreed serve no useful purpose and can be eliminated.

The other area is the sidewalk in front of Sherman’s Pharmacy. Fishel suggested bringing concrete workers to the areas to possibly bid on projects.

The Board made plans to approach Martin Sullivan along Maher Road to see if they are interested in annexing into the village. If so, the property would be rezoned after annexation.

Fishel shared with the board that he met with an employee of Peoria Disposal Company about extending the village’s contract, which expires in August of 2022. The proposal would be for a five-year extension at a 4 percent increase per year.

The contract will be added to the January 2022 agenda. Fishel also reminded the Board that the contract includes dumpsters.