Judge nixes Maquon murder charges

For The Weekly Post

GALESBURG – Marcy Oglesby still faces charges in connection with the death of a Maquon man last year. But first-degree murder no longer is among them.

During a hearing March 16 in Knox County Circuit Court, Judge Andrew Doyle granted a motion to dismiss four charges against Oglesby. Her 51st birthday is April 2.

Oglesby was accused of using eye drops to poison to death someone believed to be former Maquon Police Chief Richard Young. Oglesby is alleged to have hidden Young’s body in a Maquon storage locker for almost a year. It was discovered last Oct. 7, after neighbors complained about an odor.

The murder charge against Oglesby was filed Feb. 6. Also filed that day were charges of attempted murder, aggravated battery by administering a dangerous substance and concealment of a homicidal death.

Oglesby’s defense attorney argued the additional charges were filed more than 120 days after Oglesby was taken into custody. That would violate her right to a speedy trial, according to Illinois law. From Oct. 7 until Feb. 6 is 122 days.

Knox County State’s Attorney Jeremy Karlin did not return a telephone message from The Weekly Post. According to Tri-States Public Radio of Macomb, Karlin said his office “respectfully disagrees with Judge Doyle’s interpretation of Illinois law and his decision.”

An appeal to the Fourth District Appellate Court in Springfield is expected.

Earlier, Oglesby was charged with forgery, firearms violations and concealment of a death. She pleaded not guilty. A preliminary hearing is scheduled April 3.

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office has yet to receive DNA test results from what’s believed to be Young’s body, according to Sgt. Brad Davis.