Stark CUSD raises tax rate to 5.58 percent

For The Prairie News

WYOMING – Prior to the regular school board meeting, Stark county School District 100 held a Truth in Taxation hearing. School superintendent Brett Elliott presented a “rationale for the levy and any increase.”
The equalized assessed value [EAV] for 2020 was $123,023,423 and was compared to the 2021 EAV of $127,944,360. The actual tax rate for 2020 was 5.0792 percent compared to the 2021 rate of 5.5757 percent. The estimated increase therefore was 0.4965.
Elliott said the school district is anticipating the $40,000 minimum salary for teachers, which will occur in the next few years, plus meeting the $15 per hour minimum wage for noncertified employees that will be enacted in the coming years.
During public comment, Keith Webster presented a 10-year tax overview of his family’s farm property and operation and requested that the board make cuts in taxes, rathern tha raise them.
Also, Dale Jackson asked about local and state tax percentages. Elliott said 59.7 percent of taxes are local, 12 percent come from the state, 9 percent are federal and the remainder are from grant sourcing.
Later, during the regular meeting, the board approved the tax levy.
Dan Joos of CORE gave an update on the high school building project. Joos said a new foundation is nearly complete and walls of the building will go up in January. Joos and Farnsworth Group representative Scott Burge said there are supply chain issues, but steel is “on site.” Also, the “budget is on track.”
Board President Ann Orwig said the Henry-Stark Special Education Cooperative has hired 13 new employees, most of whom are paraprofessionals. Additionally, Stark County High School graduate Brooke Rennick will graduate in May having earned a bachelor’s degree. She plans to pursue a master’s degree in social work and will work for the Coop.
The board set its next meeting for Tuesday, Jan. 18, at 6 p.m. due to a Monday holiday.
After executive session, the board approved the retirement of Barbara Loane as the school district’s payroll and board secretary effective June 30, 2022. Also, Elizabeth Gibson resigned as Stark County Complex supervisor and will be replaced by April Hall-Sies.
Katelyn Rumbold has resigned as high school cheer coach and is replaced by Casey Musselman. Trey Swanson resigned as junior high softball and football, coach and was hired as a varsity football assistant. Lastly, Cheryl Daum resigned as prom sponsor effective immediately.