Galva school board approves tax levy

For The Prairie News

GALVA – The Galva school board on Monday approved reducing its tax levy from $4.84 to $4.71 per $100 of assessed valuation. The total levy is $4,215,450.
In other business, the board unanimously voted to accept a bid from East Moline Glass in the amount of $197,330 for new windows at the Galva Junior Senior High School.
The board also approved a bid from Ideal Environmental to remove 74 windows that contain asbestos containing glazing and/or caulking from 46 openings in the original 1960s building. Windows will be removed from the exterior.
The board recently attended a state school board convention and members gave a brief report on seminars they attended Some ideas were installing UVC fixtures in the buildings to eliminate viruses and allergens, and working to get a share of tax agreements with city government for TIFs, cannibis taxes etc.
“It is expensive to attend, but it is well worth the taxpayers money to get new ideas,” said John VanDeVelde, board president.
The board approved the
following hirings and volunteers for the 2022-23 school year:
• Krystal West as high school volleyball coach;
• Tayler Kuenneth as junior high and high school cross country coach;
• Tyler Nichols as head football coach;
• Casey Miller and Jeff Little as assistant football coaches;
• Mike Boston as the head golf coach;
• David Trigg as assistant coach for golf;
• Darcy Swanson as 8th grade girls basketball coach;
• Sarah Townsend as 7th grade girls basketball coach;
• Brandon Owens as junior high baseball coach;
• Brad Jackson as junior high and high school softball coach;
• Emma Lindquist as volunteer for junior high cheerleading;
• Ellynah Olson as volunteer for junior high volleyball;
• Matthew Bersell as long-term substitute;
• Charlie Brooks as cook.