Students told to avoid classmate

For The Weekly Post
PRINCEVILLE – A judge directed two Princeville High School seniors to avoid one of their classmates at least until they all graduate.

Stalking-no-contact orders Peoria County Circuit Judge Lisa Wilson issued Sept. 28 prohibit the two male juveniles from encountering Noah Guzman at most places, including his residence and his Princeville workplace when he’s there. The two can attend school with Guzman and can visit his workplace in his absence.

Guzman, who is at least 18, accused the boys of taking and/or sharing photographs of him partially unclad in a closed stall in a school restroom last year.

Wilson’s current orders spawned from court appearances last week. No further hearings are scheduled in this legal case that first began almost one year ago. Guzman first filed for orders of protection last December.

According to the new orders, the boys are not to take photos or videos of Guzman, nor share any. The boys’ parents are to monitor their sons’ cellphones, devices and social-media accounts to ensure the order is followed.

The orders expire June 30. By then, all three parties are scheduled to be finished with school and will be 18 or older. A first-time violation of the orders is a misdemeanor. Subsequent violations are felonies.

A final hearing in this case began Aug. 10 and resumed last week.

In June, Guzman filed a civil lawsuit against both boys that seeks damages of at least $50,000, according to Peoria County records.