The Prairie News public record for 10-13-23

NOTE: Charges are merely an accusation. All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Traffic citations &
Ordinance violation

­­9-29 – Peyton Petty – Driving 11-14 mph above limit.
9-30 – Valerie P. Daum – Driving 11-14 mph above limit.
10-3 – Harishkumar R. Pithada – Driving 11-14 mph above limit.
10-3 – Lorene R. Decatur – Driving 15-20 mph above limit.
10-3 – Melyssa V. Sutton – Driving 15-20 mph above limit.
10-3 – Rachel E. Jones – Driving 11-14 mph above limit.
10-4 – Carynn V. Cozad – Driving 11-14 mph above limit.
10-4 – Taylor J. Colgan – Driving 15-20 mph above limit.
10-4 – Andrew E. Talbot – Driving 1-10 mph above limit.
10-4 – Joshua B. Gradert – Driving 21-25 mph above limit.
10-5 – Jason Lee Finin – Driving 15-20 mph above limit.

Misdemeanors &

8-30 – Ordinance violation – Charles D. Slightom, Jr. – maintaining a nuisance.

Incidents & Accidents
9-28 – Brandon J. Collier, 25, Canton, ticket, driving without valid registration.
10-2 – A burglary was reported at the Bradford Casey’s General Store.
10-2 – Braden M. Clark, 24, Mackinaw, ticket, disobeying a stop sign.
10-2 – Patrick J. Perdew, 27, Henry, cited, disobeying a stop sign.
10-2 – Andrew P. Bogner, 63, ticketed, disobeying a stop sign.
10-3 – Juan Hernandez, 39, Indianapolis, Ind., ticket, driving on expired insurance, speeding 51 mph in a 35 zone, and driving without valid driver’s license.
10-4 – Dominic J. Peeples, 19, Peoria, cited for disobeying a stop sign.
10-4 – David L. Bradbury, 81, Normal, cited, no valid driver’s license and speeding 73 mph in a 55 zone.
10-4 – Jacob A. Krusa, 33, Brimfield, cited, no valid registration.
10-4 – Layton M. Britt, 19, Toulon, cited, disobeying a stop sign.
10-4 – Charles D. Slightom Jr., 40, Toulon, cited, disobeying a stop sign and driving without insurance.
10-7 – Douglas G. Beeler, 54, Princeville, arrested for driving under the influence and expired driver’s license. Released with notice to appear.
10-8 – A deer-related vehicle accident occurred on the Elmira Road. Driver was Robert C. Whitmer, 35, of Toulon. No injuries. Vehicle sustained estimated damages over $1,500.

Galva Report
Officer dispatched:

10-2 – to meet a resident who donated Narcan to the department.
10-2 – to remove unwanted subjects in the 300 block of SW 3rd St. Subjects had established residency and could not be removed without an eviction.
10-3 – to the 700 block of NE 3rd Ave. for a loose-dog complaint. The dog was impounded.
10-3 – to the 100 block of SE 1st St. for a theft complaint.
10-3 – to the 00 block of NW 5th St. for a possible attempted burglary after a garage door was found open. Nothing was reported missing.
10-4 – Officer was flagged down in the 100 block of NW 8th Ave. in reference to two ducks hanging out at the residence. Ducks were transported to the veterinary clinic to be re-homed to a rural location.
10-4 – As the result of a traffic stop in the 300 block of SE 2nd St., Travis Finin, 52, Galva, was arrested for driving while license suspended and operating a vehicle with expired registration. Released with a court date.
10-4 – Officer was flagged down in the 100 block of SE 3rd Ave. in reference to a cell phone found in the roadway. The officer determined the rightful owner and returned it.
10-4 – While patrolling, an officer noticed the crossing arms were malfunctioning at the NE 6th Ave. crossing. BNSF was contacted for repairs.
10-4 – to the 00 block of SW 2nd St. to recover an illegal substance that fell from an unknown customer’s pocket. Suspected narcotics were recovered and will be destroyed.
10-5 – to a disturbance in the 200 block of NW 5th St. Upon arrival, the officer learned that there had been a two-vehicle accident with damage only. John Bersell, 18, Galva, was citated for disobeying the stop sign. The other driver, a 17-year-old from Galva, was cited for disobeying a stop sign.
10-5 – to the 200 block of NE 3rd St. for a dog-bite complaint. Complainant suffered a small puncture wound from a loose pit bull. Dog owner advised of Illinois leash law.
10-5 – to Wiley Park for a complaint about unruly teenagers.
10-5 – to the 500 block of NW 1st Ave. for a cat-bite complaint.
10-5 – Officer was notified that a train was stopped and all Galva crossings were blocked. BNSF was contacted. They advised trains were stopped due to a suicidal subject on an Amtrak in Kewanee.
10-5 – several miles west of town to assist Henry County with an individual having a mental health crisis.
10-6 – to a residence on SW 4th Ave. for an ambulance emergency involving a subject with no signs of life. The coroner was contacted.
10-6 – to the 00 block of SW 2nd St. for a gas drive off complaint.
10-6 – to 00 block of Chester St. for car vs. dog accident with damage only. Animal owner Tayler Stewart, 29, Galva, issued a notice to appear for allowing a dog to run at large. The dog was reportedly not injured.
10-7 – to the 00 block of SW 2nd St. for a gas drive-off complaint.
10-7 – along with the fire department, to a small fire outside Lincoln House. Officer used a fire extinguisher.
10-7 – Amber Fleming, 39, Oneida, citated for speeding in the 1100 block of SE 2nd St.
10-8 – to the 600 block of NW 7th Ave. for a physical domestic disturbance. As a result, Larry Colwell, 58, Galva, was arrested for domestic battery and taken to Henry County Jail.
Property Transfers
10-2 – Ryan A. Peterson to Diane S. and Thomas L. Pearson – Vg of LaFayette, Block 39, Lots 3 and 4 – 530 LaFayette St., LaFayette – Consideration = $0.
10-2 – David K. Klumpp to Barbara J. and David K. Klumpp – Pts 15-13-7 NW and Pt 16-13-7 SE and SW – Consideration = $0.
10-2 – Floyd Edward and Roselyn M. Ham to Zerla Properties, LLC – Pt 25-13-5 NE – 427 S. Whittaker St., Toulon – Consideration = $75,000.
10-3 – Beth Ann Breezley, Harold S. Chamberlain, and Christine S. Mohler to Lorene S. and William S. Foglesong – Pt 21-12-5 NE – 2760 W. Jersey Rd., Toulon – Consideration = $475,000.
10-5 – Isaac L. Newman to Isaac L. and Tommie S. Newman – Vg of LaFayette, Pt Block 4 lots 1,2,3,4 – 502 Timber St., LaFayette – Consideration = $0.
10-6 – Elizabeth A. Menold to Logan Swank – Henderson and Whitaker’s Add’n – Pt block 22 lots 9 & 10 – 219 W. Thomas St., Toulon – Consideration = $77,100.

10-4 – Ashton Lynn Morrissey and Matthew John Forstrom, both of Toulon.
10-6 – John Daniel Wiegand, Goodfield and Jamie Makayla Joos, Toulon.