Wyoming prepares for sales, runners

By Ben Steinbach

WYOMING – The City Council heard about plans for Saturday’s Sidewalk Sales and a visit by St. Jude runners during a busy meeting on July 13.
Economic Development Advisor Denny Rewerts told the council that Wyoming will be hosting a St. Jude run Saturday from 8 am until 12 pm. Several businesses will be holding sidewalk sales, and there will be a bake sale and raffle at the Paramount Theater, along with free popcorn. Spectators are also encouraged to make signs to cheer on runners as they travel from Kewanee to Peoria.

The council assembled early with Economic Development Analyst Paul Ostrosky of Economic Development Group, Ltd. to allow public discussion on further developments of the proposed TIF 2 district. No public opinions were expressed, and it was announced that there will be one more public meeting before the city can vote to implement the new district on Nov. 9.
The group then moved on to its regular agenda.

Wyoming resident Tammy Wilkinson addressed the council concerning an unsafe section of sidewalk in front of her home which has been projecting from the ground due to tree root damage. Mayor Pat Maher and Superintendent Joe Kinsella said they would look into options to have it repaired.

Wilkinson also expressed complaints about a vacant property neighboring her home of 37 years, bringing photo evidence of extensive damages over the years from storms and deterioration.

“It’s attracting everything from opposums to raccoons to … I don’t know, the feral cats have pretty much moved on,” she said. “The place is absolutely atrocious.”

The property is one of several the city has been working to condemn and demolish.

Troy Kirgan attended representing Mid Century and discussed underground boring that would be done through Wyoming to install fiber optic cable between Toulon and Princeville, beginning in early August. The project would be an initial step toward Mid Century providing Wyoming with fiber optic internet service if 30-35 percent of the neighborhoods show interest. Residents can go to fiberfastnow.com for more information.

Treasurer Lisa Evans elaborated on a letter from Hjerpe & Tennison CPAS, LLC, which stated the city’s annual audit fee “should not exceed $9,600” based on the hourly rates of the accountants involved, cooperation of Wyoming city staff, and “the assumption that unexpected circumstances will not be encountered.” In past years, the fee was typically around $8,000, and the council unanimously voted in favor of having Hjerpe & Tennison perform the audit.

City Engineer Justin Reeise announced that Wyoming had received a first “Rebuild Illinois” installment of $15,000, and said the city should continue to receive $15,000 payments twice each year for the next three years. Reeise also told the council that the water treatment plant’s DCEO application has been submitted, but stated,” There really wasn’t a time frame on that.”

During executive session, Wyoming City Council voted in favor of renewing Water Treatment Manager Greg McCauley’s contract for the next three years.