2nd graders get Xmas gifts from teacher’s family

For The Weekly Post

ELMWOOD – Second-graders in Elmwood Grade School got an unexpected early Christmas present on Monday courtesy of a former Elmwood teacher.

The late L.A. “Betty” Lewellyn was a second-grade teacher at Elmwood for 26 years before retiring in 1978. She later passed away in 2009. But earlier this month, one of her daughters, Janet Millspaugh, emailed current Elmwood teacher Vicki Warner inquiring about giving a year-end Christmas gift to students in Lewellyn’s memory. Warner said the idea “brought tears to my eyes.” Lewellyn was Warner’s second-grade teacher and made a definite impression on her former student.

“I got in trouble one time. I wasn’t listening to the book she was reading to us, so she sent me and another girl out to the hall to ‘think about it,’”
Warner recalled. “I never got in trouble again.”

Millspaugh, who now lives in North Carolina, said she and her sister, Debbie, have fond memories of visits to the Tastee Freeze while they lived in Elmwood. So they opted to purchase $7 gift certificates for Toots Treats – successor to the Tastee Freeze – for all 43 Elmwood second graders.

Warner said the students from her class and from Bonnie Northrup’s class were excited to receive the gift certificates.

“They were just excited. It’s big bucks to them and that means ice cream,” Warner said. “We’ve been talking about giving and not receiving, and this time they got to receive.”

In a note to the youngsters, Millspaugh wrote: “We heard that you are having a lesson this week about giving. So, in the spirit of giving, this little surprise gift is being given in memory of our Mommy, Mrs. Betty Lewellyn, who was a second-grade teacher at Elmwood Grade School for 25+ years. In fact, she was Mrs. Warner’s teacher. Our Mommy loved children and knew from the time she was a child that she wanted to be a teacher. Mrs. Lewellyn cared about and loved her Elmwood students!

“While growing up in Elmwood, my sister and I have fond memories of going to the ‘Tastee Freeze,’ which is now called Toots Treats. So, to celebrate Mrs. Lewellyn’s commitment to her second graders, and to honor our Mommy’s memory, enJOY your Toots Treats ice cream gift!

“Respect your teacher, learn much and make memories in Second Grade.”

Warner said students will be writing thank-you notes to Lewellyn’s daughters.