New Brimfield dentist holding open house

For The Weekly Post

FARMINGTON – If the smiles in the Brimfield community seem a little brighter lately, it’s because there’s a new dentist in town.

Construction on the Brimfield Family Dentistry building located at 232 E. Knoxville St. in Brimfield was completed on April 1 and its six rooms are now in use for patients needing any of the basics of general dental care as well as IV sedation, dental implants, root canals and wisdom tooth extractions.

Those interested in seeing and learning about the area’s newest dentistry practice are invited to an open house on Aug. 5 from 2-4 p.m. The Peoria County Chamber of Commerce will be present for a ribbon cutting and guests can look forward to raffles and ice cream from Kamaela’s Kreamery.

Dr. Clint Martin, the new dentist, is no stranger to this area. Originally from Princeville, Martin now lives near Kickapoo and has spent his whole life in this area – except when he attended Southern Illinois University’s dental school in Alton and while serving a VA dental residency in San Antonio, Texas.

Martin said he loves working with people he knows and is excited to be relocated closer to home.

As for the “Family” part of the business name, several staff members in the practice are related. For instance, Martin’s aunt and sister are dental hygienists and his mother-in-law, Janine, is part of the front-office team.

Martin said he sees only benefits from this arrangement.

“We have fun together and enjoy working together,” he said. “This attitude translates to the patients, helping them feel relaxed when they’re here.”

What sets apart Brimfield Family Dentistry from other practices? Martin said he believes it’s the “combination of sophisticated, cutting-edge techniques and equipment packaged inside an approachable, relaxed environment” that allow the team to do “some really amazing things.”

He is confident patients won’t find better dental care anywhere else.

And in the near future, something – or rather someone – is coming who will offer a type of specialty care one won’t find in a typical dental practice. Dr. Alex Funk will join the practice in August to offer, among other things, expertise in sleep disordered breathing in children.

Martin said research on this condition reveals “all different kinds of behavioral and other problems.”

The condition, he says, is a precursor to sleep apnea.

Brimfield Family Dentistry has continued to grow since opening in April. Martin appreciates the Brimfield area’s reception. He said he wasn’t sure what to expect when he set up practice here but has been “impressed with the response from the community, the positivity and optimism.”

His parting advice?

“Dentistry doesn’t have to be hard or scary – we have so many options to make the experience relaxing and even fun!” Martin said. “Don’t settle for anything less.”