No decision yet on Elmwood TIF extension

For The Weekly Post

ELMWOOD – The future of the Central Downtown TIF district is still not decided.

The Elmwood City Council discussed extension of the TIF for approximately 35 minutes during its regular meeting on April 5. While the council is in favor of extending the TIF, aldermen heard that Elmwood Township and the fire department are opposed. Those two taxing bodies have indicated they would rather receive their tax income directly.

Elmwood CUSD 322 could go “either way” according to Alderman Bob Paige.

The original TIF was for 11 years, instead of the maximum 23 years, and was established to aid downtown businesses in their recovery from the 2010 tornado.

Paige has already met with taxing bodies once previously.

“We need to get everybody on board,” Mayor J.D. Hulslander said. “Maybe we need to sit down and have another discussion with them.”

The council decided to hold a meeting with the taxing bodies to clear up any misconceptions.

The council also approved the purchase of additional radio-read water meters for the water department for up to $48,387. This would cover the remaining 374 meters to be upgraded.

Economic Development Director Amy Davis said there were no building permits issued for March, but added she has received four applications recently. Davis said that efforts are continuing to find a business replacement for Cerno’s.

Police Chief Aaron Bean reported 0 arrests for March, 8 stops, 1 citation, 8 warnings, 20 reports, 0 NTAs, 1 open door, 0 ordinance violations and 38 incidents handled by the police department.