LaFayette meets after hiatus

By John A. Ballentine

LaFAYETTE – After two months of not having a monthly meeting, the Village of LaFayette board of trustees resumed Monday evening and approved March’s, April’s, May’s and some of June’s business on the agenda.
March 2 was the last time the board of trustees had met before COVID-19 restrictions were put in place.

Residents of LaFayette will not be charged for water during May per the board’s decision to not impose that fee.

“This will be the only time this will happen,” Village President Greg Bartley said.

The board then discussed village ditches, in particular the ones on Mulberry and Willow Streets. Mowing of the ditches in LaFayette is the property residents’ responsibility, according to the board, and it is expected the ditches are to be properly maintained. Work on those two ditches at Mulberry and Willow was discussed and the board wants the drainage flow remedied.

Trustee Leslie Peterson said she has received only one bid for $3,000 to remedy the drainage issue and said she wants to wait to obtain more bids. The item was tabled until next month’s meeting.

Village Engineer Mike Greenlief, of Bruner, Cooper & Zuck, spoke with the board concerning Motor Fuel Tax funding, paying for this summer’s sealcoating and spray patching of streets. He estimated the project would cost $42,000 with oil costing $21,000 and the price of the rock $13,600, and spray patching at $2,400, plus the engineering fee of $4,000. Bartley signed papers authorizing the project to begin.

The village’s Spring cleanup day has been tentatively scheduled for July 10, pending notification and approval of the trash hauler. Bouchez Trash Hauling will collect many items, but not any electronics as well as other items to be determined and listed for viewing.

The board will be advertising for mowing bids of village properties soon with bids to the village by the end of June.

Also, bids will be let to replace the pump house floor with a new one. The current floor has rotted wood in areas, plus the supports of the floor are in need of replacement.